Welcome to another week of the ACLU of NH Civil Rights Sentinel, our weekly legislative update and your calls-to-action to help us fight for our civil rights!

Vote like your rights depend on it! 2016 demonstrated how a single election can spell the fate of our civil rights. This election cycle, we need to put civil rights front and center – when talking to candidates, when talking to our friends, and when voting at the ballot box. Take the ACLU pledge and become an ACLU Voter today. ACLU Voters demand that candidates for public office commit to protect our democracy, end discrimination, expand rights, and ensure that we live in a nation with liberty and justice for all. An ACLU Voter votes like their rights depend on it. Because they do. 

  • Next time you meet with a candidate, inform them that you are an ACLU Voter. Ask them how they intend to reduce mass incarceration, protect our privacy in this technological era, protect reproductive rights against renewed threats to Roe v. Wade, and stand up for immigrant rights.


Please Keep Calling: we are on the home-stretch to repealing the NH death penalty! We have spent many months now focused on repealing the death penalty. We thank you for every single phone call made and email sent. Please keep calling! Keep sending emails. We still need to solidify more votes in the Senate and affirm support in the House ahead of veto-override day on September 13. If you’ve called once, call again. If you’ve called a dozen times, call your friends and ask them to do the same. It’s time to repeal this archaic, discriminatory, expensive, and ineffective practice. With your activism, we will finally repeal the death penalty in New Hampshire on September 13.   


Thank you for making your voices heard. If we don’t hold our elected officials accountable to protecting our civil rights, then no one will – take action today!



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