Courtney Reed


Policy Advocate

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Courtney Reed joined the ACLU of New Hampshire as Policy Advocate in January 2023. Courtney, or “Court” is excited to serve the affiliate through legislative advocacy and organizing with community partners to protect reproductive freedom and advance LGBTQ+ equality.

Before joining the ACLU of NH, Court worked with Public Consulting Group to help state and local governments maximize federal claiming for entitlement programs including Medicaid and Title IV-E to better serve children and families receiving social supports. Court also had the opportunity to work on several needs assessment engagements to help local government agencies develop improved service arrays to better meet the needs of youth.

While in living in Tallahassee, Florida, Courtney advocated for diverse communities in numerous roles. Courtney served as a Legal Assistant with the Civil Rights Law Office of James Cook, where she conducted research and produced case-critical documents and legal drafts to progress federal Eighth Amendment civil rights litigation, protecting the rights of incarcerated individuals in the state of Florida. With the Children’s Campaign, Court conducted detailed policy and legislative research for upper-level staff to produce a range of advocacy materials surrounding family economic security, racial inequality among Florida’s youth, juvenile justice reform, the protection of LGBTQ+ youth, and more.

Courtney also served as the state “Legislative Coordinator” for Florida with Amnesty International, where she proactively strategized with community and student organizations to build a grassroots movement for human rights by facilitating “Lobbying-101” workshops, orchestrating well-attended human rights conferences, and planning coalition responses to emergent human rights crises. With Amnesty, Court independently researched and helped formulate organizational positions on key human rights issues while working with upper-level staff to draft lobby “Leave Behinds” with recommendations for state legislators.  

Courtney received her Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, and holds a Master’s in International and Social Public Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

In her free time, Courtney enjoys hiking the Whites, picking up the guitar, gardening, hosting friends, or enjoying a good book. After spending numerous hot summers in Florida, Court is excited to take in the brisk New Hampshire air.