The ACLU of New Hampshire is dedicated to protecting all immigrants – citizens and non-citizens alike – from unlawful imprisonment, discrimination and law enforcement abuses, and ensuring that they are afforded their due process rights to a fair hearing and access to legal assistance in immigration proceedings.

We work to ensure that:

  • No one can be imprisoned in an immigration jail for prolonged periods of time without an opportunity for a hearing where they can seek release on bond.
  • The conditions in which immigrants are detained are humane, and that detainees have adequate access to medical care, to visitation with their loved ones and to legal materials and assistance.
  • No one can be deported without a fair hearing, legally correct decisions in immigration cases, and access to legal assistance, including especially vulnerable populations such as people with mental disabilities.
  • Everyone can be secure in their homes and their workplaces and protected from unconstitutional searches and arrests by federal immigration agents.
  • All non-citizens have equal access to naturalization and other important immigration benefits, regardless of race, religion or national origin.
  • Local law enforcement agencies do not unlawfully engage in the business of federal immigration enforcement, including by arresting, incarcerating or confiscating property of an individual solely because of their immigration status.

The ACLU of New Hampshire’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, launched in 2018, works with over a dozen organizations using targeted impact litigation, advocacy, and public outreach to protect the rights and liberties of immigrant and refugee Granite Staters.