Katherine Harake


Regional Campaign Manager (Seacoast)



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Katherine Harake brings a legacy of advocacy to her role as Regional Campaign Manager at the ACLU, following in the footsteps of her great grandmother who was a Boston suffragist.

Katherine is both local and international. She grew up on the NH Seacoast, went to college in Canada, and then spent over 20 years overseas living in Istanbul, Turkey. She worked in international investment banking and established a coffee business with her husband. She also speaks Turkish and French.

After returning to the US and reading the book “Somebody’s Gotta Do It, Why Cursing at the News Won’t Save the Nation, but Your Name on a Local Ballot Can,”* Katherine was motivated to become active in local politics, where she served as chair of her local budget committee, heritage commission, and ran for Executive Council. These experiences brought her even closer to her community and gave her the courage to continue her work with the ACLU. Katherine believes that we all have something to contribute and wants to help empower others by building real relationships where all voices are heard, where everyone feels safe, and where everyone belongs.

She has a business degree from McGill University and a master’s in diplomacy from Norwich University. She lives in Hampton with her husband and their children.

*By Adrienne Martini