September 11, 2017

The ACLU of New Hampshire is disturbed and saddened by the alleged attempted lynching in Claremont, NH. Our hearts are with the young boy and his family.

There is no place for hateful racist acts in our communities. We condemn racism, white supremacy and all forms of bigotry, and we condemn those who perpetrate violent racist acts. We understand the deep community concerns expressed over this incident. In the face of today’s racially-polarized climate, it is incumbent upon law enforcement and our elected officials to maintain a safe environment for all community members, regardless of race.

Lynchings terrorized millions of Blacks in the US for nearly a century. The noose, a symbol of this violent and bigoted history, flies in the face of New Hampshire’s, and our nation’s values. We remain committed to fighting vigorously for an end to racial polarization and the realization of racial justice and equality.