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Ari Schechter,

May 6, 2022

From Devon Chaffee, Executive Director of the ACLU of New Hampshire:

“Governor Sununu told the people of New Hampshire that he would not sign gerrymandered maps into law—and today he failed to uphold that promise. As of today, he’s now signed three maps into law that are unfair, designed to cheat the system, and mean some Granite State votes will count more than others.

“Gerrymandering our state means that issues with overwhelming public support like abortion access, racial justice, marijuana legalization, and more are at risk of not being fairly represented within the State House, Senate, and Executive Council—and that less popular, more extreme positions are likely to be overrepresented.

“Today is a dark day in New Hampshire politics, where politicians have handpicked their own voters and are ignoring the will of the people of this state. We call on Governor Sununu to veto SB 200, the gerrymandered congressional map heading to his desk.”