The decision to end a pregnancy should be left up to patients and doctors. We must trust and protect their right to make that decision.

What was unfathomable just a few years ago–taking away our ability to control our own bodies and futures and allowing states to criminalize people seeking and providing health care–is a fight at our front door.

But here’s what you need to know: in New Hampshire, abortion (including medication abortion) is still safe and legal up to 24 weeks. If you need an abortion, you can get one. If you have an appointment, keep it. 

And know that we collectively have the power to fight back.

Here's how you can take action right now.

The vast majority of Granite Staters support safe, legal abortion.  Take action and tell your state lawmakers to support a proposed constitutional amendment to the voters to protect abortion rights in our state constitution, and to oppose all bans or restrictions on abortion. TELL MY LAWMAKERS
Protecting medication abortion: we are using every tool at our disposal right now to ensure everyone can access the safe and essential reproductive health care they need. That includes our immediate calls to appeals courts to reverse the Texas ruling and uphold the law. Please join us in this fight by adding your name to our petition now. ADD MY NAME
Support local organizations fighting for reproductive freedom - see our list below!

Local Organizations to Support

Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire

​The Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire is committed to serving and supporting our community, especially those most marginalized, in the form of providing financial support for abortion services.

Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire logo

Joan G. Lovering Health Center

The Joan G. Lovering Health Center is a non-profit reproductive and sexual health center serving NH/MA/ME providing abortion care, GYN services, low-cost contraception, STD/HIV testing and transcare.

Lovering Health Center logo: sexual health, choice, and you

Equality Health Center

Equality Health Center is a non-profit healthcare facility serving all genders and sexualities throughout New England. We are New Hampshire’s longest standing abortion provider.

Equality Health Center logo

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

PPNNE is the largest sexual and reproductive health care provider in northern New England with 20 health centers across Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

PPNNE logo