It's time to take action. Here's how you can make a difference right now to end racist and violent policing in New Hampshire.

First, follow the lead of Black communities and organizations in NH. Support, donate, and show up for incredible organizations like Black Lives Matter (Manchester, Nashua), NAACP (Nashua, Seacoast, Manchester), and the Black Heritage Trail of NH. There are links to each of these amazing organizations at the bottom of this page!

Contact your elected officials:

Call your state representatives and senators and ask:

Call your city/town mayor and councilors and ask:

  • That they immediately take action to ban the use of knee holds and chokeholds by police officers.
  • That they publicly oppose budget increases to police departments, and instead reinvest resources into community services such as housing, substance abuse treatment, and public health.
  • To find contact information, check your town/city website!

Call Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan and ask:

  • That they publicly support ending qualified immunity, which protects police from being liable for constitutional violations.
  • That they support legislation to prohibit the transfer of surplus federal military equipment to local police departments.
  • Senator Shaheen: (603) 647-7500
  • Senator Hassan: (603) 622-2204

Call Governor Sununu and ask:

  • That he sign legislation that would make it mandatory for police to report misconduct by fellow police officers when it reaches his desk. (Right now, it will be amended bill HB 1645.)
  • Governor Sununu: (603) 271-2121, or email at