What would this abortion ban do?

  • The proposed legislation would ban abortion at 24 weeks, with no exception for rape, incest, or fatal fetal diagnoses. It would also implement a dangerous, sweeping ultrasound law for any week of pregnancy, and would even criminalize doctors with up to 7 years in prison.

Is this the same as other states?

  • Make no mistake: this is an extreme abortion ban with virtually no exceptions. It is absolutely not like the restrictions in 43 other states — many of which have far broader definitions for what constitutes a “medical emergency” justifying an abortion. This bill’s definition of “medical emergency” is among the most narrow in the country.

What would the mandatory ultrasound component do?

  • This ban would also mandate ultrasounds for every abortion, regardless of the week of pregnancy and even if it is well before the 24-week threshold — subjecting every patient to ultrasound images, even if their healthcare provider believes that the procedure is unnecessary. This goes against standard medical guidelines.

What can happen near or after 24 weeks in pregnancy?

  • Tests near or after 24 weeks can show a devastating or fatal diagnosis, and families deserve access to critical, compassionate care in those situations. Arbitrary bans like this harm patients who have to make difficult, deeply personal decisions about their pregnancies.

How does criminalizing doctors impact our medical community?

  • By threatening doctors with prison time, this ban could also deter medical professionals from practicing in our state. We should be able to trust our state’s experienced medical experts to make the best decision in each circumstance.

How can I take action?

  • Call Governor Sununu and tell him to oppose this provision in the state budget. You can leave a voicemail if it is after 5pm! Call him at 603-271-2121 or visit here to get directly connected: aclu-nh.org/budget2021