If you’re a transgender or gender non-conforming person, you have an important voice and the right to vote. Heading into this election, our votes mean more than ever and we will again prove that transgender people have not come this far to only come this far. New Hampshire is a state with same day registration so you still have time to register and find out where your candidates stand on civil liberties.

Can I vote?  If you are 18 or older by Election Day, are an American Citizen, and are not disqualified because of criminal conviction, you can vote!

Where do I register?  You can register at your Town or City Hall up to 6-13 days before the election, but New Hampshire is a same day registration state which means you can also register at the polls.

When registering to vote, you should bring documentation proving your identity, your citizenship, your domicile, and age*. If you don't have these documents or your legal name is not reflected in your identification, you may sign affidavits stating your identity, citizenship, domicile, and age. Proof of Identity includes a driver's license from any state, non-driver's photo ID from any state, United States Armed Forces photo ID, United States passport or passport card, Student ID from a New Hampshire college or high school, or New Hampshire photo ID issued by the DMV for voting purposes only. Proof of Citizenship includes United States Birth Certificate or United States passport or passport card. Proof of Age includes any of the above mentioned forms of ID with birthdate included. Proof of Domicile includes things like leases, or driver's licenses that show the address where you're voting.

Do I need to reregister to vote if I have legally changed my name?  Yes.

I changed my name legally, but my photo ID does not reflect this. Can this ID be used to prove identity when registering to vote?   Maybe.  To prove identity when voting, your photo ID must be issued in the name of the registrant, however, if the voter brings the court order where the name was changed with the incorrect identification, the Attorney General finds this solution acceptable.  Additionally, voter could choose to execute challenged voter affidavit.

Can I vote if my photo ID lists a different name than my voter registration?  Yes, but you will have to reregister because to prove identity when voting, the name on the ID must match the name on the checklist.  Voter may also execute challenged voter affidavit and submit to photograph or execute affidavit of religious exemption.

Can I prove identity with multiple documents not listing the same name?  Yes, but you will need to additionally bring your court order from the name change.  Voter may also execute challenged voter affidavit and submit to photograph or execute affidavit of religious exemption.

Can I be denied the right to vote based on my gender identity?  No.

Can I vote if my ID appears to show someone of a different gender?  Yes.  There is no requirement that the picture in the photo ID evidence the voter’s current gender.

What do I do if the poll worker doesn’t think I look like the person in my ID? Call the Attorney General’s hotline at 866-868-3703 or ACLU-NH at 603-333-2201.