Today cooperating attorney William E. Christie presented oral argument to the New Hampshire Supreme Court in the state’s appeal of Guare, et al. v. State of New Hampshire.
At issue is Senate Bill 318, passed by the state legislature in 2012 amending the voting registration form. Mr. Christie, a long-time civil rights advocate and cooperating attorney, argued that the bill’s language is confusing. He stated that many parties have been confused about the proposed changes including the very legislators who voted in favor the bill. Mr. Christie argued that the bill does not make clear that a person residing in New Hampshire is not required to obtain a state driver’s license in order to vote. Our lawsuit was upheld by the Strafford County Superior Court but the state appealed its ruling.
Attorney Christie, of Shaheen & Gordon PA, did an outstanding job during the oral argument including fielding numerous questions from the four justices. A decision is expected in the next few months.
Pictured above are Jessica Bellemore, Alan Cronheim, Bill Christie, Gilles Bissonnette, and Benjamin Siracusa Hillman