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Ariana Schechter,

October 30, 2020

From Gilles Bissonnette, legal director at the ACLU of New Hampshire: “We are pleased that the Court rejected the Department of Justice’s argument that the Laurie List was exempt from disclosure either as a ‘personnel’ document or under RSA 105:13-b. However, we and the communities we represent are disappointed that the Court did not order the immediate release of the List, and instead sent the case back to the lower court for further proceedings to address the public interest in disclosing the List. Police officers who are named on the List are there because they have engaged in sustained misconduct concerning credibility or truthfulness. The public has a clear right to know this information. In this historic moment, there is a demand for immediate transparency concerning the police. While the Court has temporarily delayed this transparency concerning the List, we will continue to fight for this information.”