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  1. Estate of Hagen Esty-Lennon v. New Hampshire

    September 21, 2015CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  2. State of New Hampshire v. Catherine Bailey et al.

    August 8, 2014CaseFirst Amendment
  3. State of New Hampshire v. Brouillette

    July 11, 2014CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  4. Guglielmo v. Shaker Regional School District

    March 3, 2012Case
  5. Jonathan Doyle v. Commissioner of Department of Resources and Development

    January 13, 2012CaseFirst Amendment
  6. William Thomas v. City of Franklin

    June 1, 2012CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  7. Sobol et al. v. Commissioner of Department of Administrative Services et. al.

    May 20, 2013Case
  8. City of Rochester Anti-Panhandling Ordinance

    February 18, 2014CaseFirst Amendment
  9. State of New Hampshire v. Surprenant

    February 21, 2014CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  10. Corro v. State of New Hampshire

    March 5, 2014CaseCriminal Justice Reform