Since March, there have been nearly 650 COVID-19 infections in NH prisons and jails – and right now, they're at the highest number by far since the beginning of the pandemic.

Like all congregate living areas, correctional facilities are a tinderbox for the virus. Left uncontrolled, we will continue to see outbreaks in these facilities, making it critical to prioritize the vaccination of the people in jails and prisons.

But recently, state officials de-prioritized incarcerated people in their vaccine rollout plan – putting them at the back of the line, despite their inability to social distance or their inconsistent access to PPE. This is also despite the COVID-19 outbreaks, which pose a public health threat to surrounding communities.

Here's how to contact Governor Sununu to urge him to prioritize the vaccination of all incarcerated people in phase 1b of the state’s plan:

Phone: (603) 271-2121