We created the ACLU of NH 2018 Legislative Scorecard, our first legislative scorecard, to let Granite Staters know where their legislators stand on a variety of civil liberties issues. We hope Granite Staters will use this scorecard to give our state representatives and senators feedback on their votes from the 2018 legislative session. We encourage people to review how their legislators voted on specific issues and not rely on just the overall percentage. Direct communication with legislators, particularly about specific issues and bills, is a valuable way to encourage them to stand up for and protect our civil liberties.
A key priority was to include a variety of topics. This is why, for example, we only included one of the six bills aimed at restricting women’s reproductive rights this session. Our second priority was to include those bills on which ACLU-NH was particularly active. This is caveated by the fact that we could only include those bills on which there were roll call votes. Many bills are done by voice vote or division vote, which do not record individual votes by name.
Are voting rights, privacy, and reproductive rights important to you? Do you know how your legislators voted on voting rights, privacy, and reproductive rights bills this session? Check out the ACLU-NH 2018 Scorecard and engage your legislators about the civil rights issues most important to you.
If we don’t hold our elected officials accountable to protecting our civil rights, then no one will!